Mindful Traveler Workbook

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Life can be hard.  Work is stressful, relationships require work and outside is expensive. Our best version of ourselves is always our best weapon in these tough situations.  

Getting away and changing the scenery are great for a recharge. They help cleanse the palette and allow us to catch our breath.  But as soon as we set our bags down on our return, we’re thrust back into the unresolved and ever developing normalcy of life.  

Help extend the benefits of vacation and travels.  Curate and strengthen the best version of you.  

Created as a supplement to the Mindful Traveler Guide, this workbook was created to focus your thoughts on gratitude and intention. The workbook can be printed or used as a prompt for you to write in your travel journal or just mental note them (this practice is YOURS. If you don’t want to write and you just want to think, that’s ok too). The prompts are designed for you to begin AND end your day being intentionally mindful. Be as brief or detailed as you feel compelled. And remember, you can start again. In life, and with this workbook.  Your answers will be different and you can track your growth over time.  Once you download, the file is yours. 

Spend some time checking in with yourself.  The workbook is perfect for identifying and setting the tone while you travel or when preparing to travel, when life gets loud and you need some help easing the volume down. Get closer to the you, you see as your best you.  Let this workbook help.